Your Own Token

We’ll help you build your own token, running on a public blockchain, and set you up with your own wallet that will support your coins.

Produce your own tokenized coin supply without the hassle of running a blockchain:

  • Use the FLASH high performance blockchain and processing nodes with your own shard of the FLASH blockchain
  • Under 5 second settlement, up to 25K txn per second
  • Under 1 cent transaction fees
  • No mining
  • Ideal for utility/loyalty and community tokens
  • Coins supported in Coin Apps wallets (at white label licensee discretion)
  • In wallet coin exchange (Liquidity provided by issuer)
  • Designed for unlicensed loyalty and community coin issuers (i.e. online communities, retailers, application developers, etc…)
  • Coin Apps is not a coin issuer or liquidity provider