Blockchain Technology Specialists

Specializing in helping build blockchain based solutions for
businesses projects with a focus on real world use.

About Us

Blockchain Technology Specialists

CoinApps develops private currency payment solutions for businesses, projects and applications. We serve banks, money service businesses, the commercial gaming industry,merchant networks and community projects with our proprietary cryptocurrency software technology. Private currencies can be used for customer loyalty,incentive marketing and community development. CoinApps customers receive their own customized blockchain quickly and inexpensively,bringing the power of crypto currencies to their users and customers.

Our technology is proven in over 100,000 wallets. To date, our blockchains have over 600,000 addresses holding a balance with more than 1.8m transactions.

What we offer

Private Labels
Digital Wallets

Our state-of-the-art wallet is feature rich and supports major currencies (70+ coins) including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, FLASH and Etherium (and many others).

Your Own Blockchain

Our team has substantial experience devel-oping high performance blockchains and they could build one for you, typically in under 30 days. Combine this with your own private label wallet for a powerful solution.

Your Own Token

We’ll help you build your own token, running on a public blockchain, and set you up with your own wallet that’ll support your coins and a lot


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